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There are a number of videos out there that show how to make treats for your guinea pig, but, I haven't seen one yet that doesn't have a high sugar fruit in it. So I created my own recipe.

Keep in mind that :
Lets get started
You'll need:

Large bowl
1 cup cranberries or blueberries (or other foods)
1-1/2 cup timothy pellets
3 -4 tbs Spring water
2 tbs  honey

Saran wrap
Parchment paper (optional for cookies)
Rolling pin
Baking sheet
Prep your space. Wash foods and dice them.
-    if you have a diabetic piggy, to use foods that your vet has approved ahead of time for use.
-    some foods help for health needs, like blueberries help with sugar control, cranberries with bladder/stones, red pepper has a high Vit.C content.
-    zucchini is a excellent choice instead of cucumber for extra fiber!

IMPORTANT STEP  -  mix the honey into the puree well
Add water 1 tablespoon at a time untill the cranberries will puree. The less water that is used, the better.
Opps, didn't catching that misspelling !
For those of you not familiar with parchment paper, this can be a bakers good friend. You will need this in order to make the piggy bake, otherwise you will need to cut out into cookies.

If you are only using saran wrap, lay out a strip in place of parchment paper.

Next put your mix on the parchment paper and place some saran wrap on top, then proceed to roll out until it is about 1/4 inch thick.
If the edges get to thin, simply fold over a small section of paper so the mix will fold back into the rest. Be sure to move the saran out of the way first. And don't worry if the edges are thicker then the middle when making the piggy bake since the edges are always the first to get done, being slightly thicker will help them not to burn while the center finishes.
Score the piggy bake with a blunt object such as a spatula starting from the center and working towards the edges. You'll want to score it almost completely thru, the deeper the score, the better and quicker it will bake. Don't worry if you do cut thru completely, I'm sure the piggies won't mind! 

If you are using cookie cutters, cut each cookie out and repeat the rolling out the mix until all is cut.

Save the saran wrap for your next batch if you are making more right away.

Bake time will depend on how big / thick your piggie bake or cookies are. Cookies will take about 15-20 minutes while the piggy bake may take on up to 45 minutes. 
What to look for in your piggy bake is that it is completely dry. You should be able to see a color difference were areas that still have moisture are darker.  If you are experiencing difficulty with a long bake time, you can remove scored sections that are finished baking to allow the inner sections to finish quicker. But be sure that all moisture is out before removing from oven or they will spoil quickly.
Allow piggy bake to cool then place in a paper bag, then inside a ziplock bag
to help keep out moisture.

Don't forget to leave one out for them to enjoy !
More tips !!

Lethal  &  tooth problem piggies
        When making the piggy bake, don't allow the center to fully dry out and reserve these softer piggy bakes for them by storing them in the refrigerator for up to one week or one month in the freezer. Pull them out and serve as a cool treat to naw on or allow to get to room temp and serve as a soft bake they can eat on their own. Theses can get crumbly though so a container would be better to use for them, don't say I didn't warn ya  ;-)

Let me know if you tried these and how your loved one thought they turned out.
I love to see pictures too  ;-)
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